Model Call Agreement

Please make sure you read through the whole agreement. If you have any questions at the end, feel free to contact me

The purpose of this model call is to try out new or different setups, props, and poses, to add new images to my portfolio, and to use on Social Media for marketing and promotional purposes. I, (the photographer) will have a specific setup in mind, therefore kindly ask you not to request anything such as colours/themes, personal props, and/or poses. For newborn photoshoots, babies are typically under the age of 15 days on the day of the session


  • Maximum of 2 adults only to be present during the session
  • For best results, it is recommended that the baby is fed upon arrival, or whilst the photographer sets up, and if possible to try and keep baby awake at least an hour before the session
  • Client will be responsible for ensuring siblings or any other members present, that they do not intrude on the baby’s immediate area whilst photographing

Image Release

  • A GDPR form will need to be completed by the client on the day of the session, stating permission for the photographer to use the images on Social Media and/or website, for marketing/promotional purposes
  • If after the Model Call session you decide that you do not want your images to be displayed on Social Media and/or on the website, please note that full payment will be required for the time of the session, and images will be received after payment

Client Images

  • For your time, you will receive 5 fully edited, digital images
  • Images will be sent digitally, via email
  • Photographer retains the right of discretion in selecting images released to the client, but will always choose the best images out of the total taken
  • Additional images will be available to purchase on request

Mobile Phones During the Session

  • Cameras, camera phones (mobiles), camcorders, or any other recording equipment will NOT be permitted during the session, either in the studio, on location, or at a client’s home, without permission of the photographer

Cancellation & Late Arrivals

  • If you wish to cancel your session, please let the photographer know as soon as possible
  • If you will be late to the session, please let the photographer know as soon as you can
  • Rescheduling will only be possible if baby will still be under 15 days old on the day of the new rescheduled date of session


  • Copyright is retained by the photographer at all times, no image can be copied, scanned, or reproduced in any form whatsoever without prior consent of the photographer - this includes saving, screenshot, and downloading from any social media site or website
  • Any duplications or alterations to original images, including ANY form of editing, is strictly prohibited without written permission from the photographer
  • Images shall only be used in accordance with the permission within this agreement
  • Though the photographer retains copyright, this means the photographer owns the images but the client has permission to use them for personal use ONLY (images that were included in the package chosen, and additional purchased images)


  • All client information will never be shared with anyone and will be kept at the discretion of the photographer, and kept under the regulations of GDPR